Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Flat-headed Cat

Cats hate's like a rule. But one cat swims in stark contrast to its relatives, Prionailurus planiceps, the Flat-headed Cat. This secretive cat lives in forested areas of Indonesia and Malaysia. How secretive are they--only two captive individuals were known in 2008 (400 captive Cheetah are known in North America alone). The Flat-headed is one of only two cat species with webbed feet, the other being the Fishing Cat. But Prionailurus planiceps has more complete webs, indicating more adaptation to an aquatic lifestyle. This beast will eat whatever small animals it can catch and kill, perhaps as large as rats or chickens. That's pretty good for an animal with a maximum weight of 5 pounds. Weirdly enough, it's one of only cats unable to retract the claws....and, of course, individuals have particularly flat heads. The picture below appears to come from a motion sensor camera, which makes it particularly cool.

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  1. There is another species known from Japan -

  2. I saw this cat in North East Thailand but no one believes I saw it. Can't prove it but I know I saw this cat during the night, it ran through my wifes family's house.