Monday, January 25, 2010

The Goblin Shark is Ugly

I'm not too familiar with Goblin lore, but they must be formidably ugly  for Mitsukurina owstoni to be named after them.

The Goblin Shark is only this ugly when it has its jaws protruded. Usually it looks more like the specimen in the video, which likely died soon after being placed in an aquarium. These are deep water creatures (may never encounter light during its lifetime) which grow up to 11 feet long. That nose is filled with electrosensors that it uses to find prey...although probably a generalist, we aren't quite sure what they are feeding on.

The long heterocercal tail is incredible, I have no idea what the siphon-like openings on the side of the head are used for, and I'm really surprised it has such big eyes.

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